MEGS Investment specializes in providing capital market advisory services to start-ups in various high-tech industries, helping them develop and establish the capital they need. MEGS Investment provides professional services and team support to these start-ups, and helps them solve problems and challenges they encounter in the process of investment and financing, patent M&A.

We assist start-up companies in high-tech industries to develop and establish the requisite funds, solve problems and meet challenges in financing, mergers and acquisitions, through professional services and team support. Our service philosophy is to help new companies accurately locate opportunities and partners for successful cooperation in global high-tech projects.


Cultural, legal and regulatory differences between China and the West require a nuanced, subtle understanding of the diffences and how to effectively bridge these divides to build successful international partnerships. The support of our expert team, with local presence in the U.S. and China and knowledge of legal and financial considerations, allows us to achieve desired results for our clients. This is a key success factor for companies seeking to establish global partnerships between China and the West.